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Gracemtv Church Of Mount Vernon, Washington
We Worship Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah
Join us every Sunday at 10 AM as we Glorify God

GRACECHURCHMV YOUTUBE CHANNEL featuring Pastor Dr. Billy Farrar Sermon Videos

Grace Church invites you to watch the collection of Sermon Videos on the YouTube channel for Grace church by clicking on the icon above.  
We know you will find valuable insight to apply in your daily life through these practical lessons.


Grace Church of Mount Vernon, Washington, USA
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Bibleline Broadcast Network

Pastor Arnold is a  fundamentalist expositor of the Holy Scriptures.  Sound doctrine for those who are willing to set aside their pride and listen to what the Holy Spirit expressly says.

The Truth about Islam

Do you want to know the truth about Islam?  Do you want to know how to share the gospel with Muslims?  Click on the link to learn more.

Vegangelicals are Carnal Christians of 2017

Are you a Vegangelical? Believing we must prepare the earth for the return of Jesus, seek signs and wonders from false prophets in Montreal & Florida and use versions of the Bible that are filled with changes that are void of God’s Holy Spirit.